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Professional Background

Our HR Consultant has over 20 years of hands-on HR experience serving organizations from a variety of industries. She has a Human Resource Professional certificate, HR Planning Certificate, Succession Planning Certificate, Business Continuing Planning, communication Techniques Certificate and she holds Bachelor’s Degree in since of Business

She has spent ten years as a consultant assisting organizations with their HR challenges. Prior to becoming a consultant, she worked inside organizations championing HR strategies at the executive level. Her accomplishments resulted in practical cost-effective HR programs that improved business results and contributed to Three organizations being ranked in the top ten companies to work for in USA.

She’s experience inside organizations provides her with an appreciation for the impact HR initiatives have on organization effectiveness as well as the need for simplicity and cost effectiveness to ensure positive results. Her goal is to help clients receive just what they need, when they need it, in a manner that provides sustainable value.

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As an internal HR leader and external HR consultant, she has been responsible for all aspects of designing and delivering a full range of HR programs and strategies.


Services are tailored to the specific needs and budget of each client. Every assignment begins with a project plan that is designed in collaboration with the client and ends with a transfer of all the knowledge and tools needed to ensure sustainable value and the client’s self-sufficiency.

HR Program Design and Implementation

Designing and implementing a variety of HR programs including: All aspects of Total Compensation research, analysis, design and implementation, Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys, Position Descriptions, Job Evaluation, Training Needs Analyses, Competency Maps in support of performance evaluation and development, Performance Evaluation and Multi-Source Feedback Programs, Employee Orientation Programs, Management Development Programs, HR Policy Manuals

Coaching and Mentorship of HR Professionals

a number of emerging HR practitioners have looked to the consultant for formal mentoring and coaching as part of their on-going career development. On behalf of the CCHRA, the regulatory body of HR professionals across Canada, the consultant provides ongoing mentorship to emerging HR practitioners from across the country seeking to achieve their Certified Human Resource Practitioner designation. History

Linking HR Activities to Business Results

Providing guidance on the HR practices that align most successfully with organization performance including: Organization Effectiveness assessments, HR Strategic Planning facilitation, HR Practice Audits

Policy Development

a number of HR policy audits have been conducted and new policy manuals created to ensure legal compliance and support for the organization’s specific culture.

Performance Management

performance management systems have been designed and implemented, including multi-source feedback processes. Programs include design, training, implementation, and evaluation and can be tied to both performance development and/or compensation programs.

Managing Growth, Reductions, Restructuring, and Change

Assisting with the people side of change including: Change Management strategies, Business Planning facilitation, Organization Design, Resource Forecasting, Succession Planning, HR Mergers and Acquisitions, Termination Coordination

CEO Evaluation on behalf of Boards

Evaluations are designed to collect, analyze, synthesize and summarize Board feedback related to goal achievement and leadership effectiveness, often including upward feedback from direct reports.

Job Evaluation

job evaluation plans have included a variety of styles including simple market matching, whole job comparisons, and point factor plans.

Compensation Strategy and Analysis

compensation program designs pertaining to base pay structures and bonus plans, including annual analyses in support of recommended compensation adjustments.

Employee Surveys

customized employee surveys ranging from 30 to over 150 questions designed to assess employee satisfaction, engagement, benefit preferences, and organization effectiveness.

Organization Assessment & Change Management

Experience includes change related to mergers and acquisitions including organizational structure, culture shift, HR audits and the integration of HR strategy and practices.

HR Strategic Plans

facilitation of HR Strategic Plans for small and mid-sized organizations in the for profit and not-for-profit sectors, linking HR goals and objectives to organization purpose and culture.


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